Dear friends, colleagues and relatives of Tom,

We are all going to miss him dearly.  He was a rare human being and an exceptionally deep soul, and he touched our lives in all kinds of ways.  Though he unexpectedly left this world on February 19, he has left a whole lot behind for us to treasure and remember.  This site is about celebrating who Tom was and all that he contributed through his presence and dedication to world service.   It is also intended to offer an opportunity to virtually “gather” those who were part of the large web he wove over the course of his life, since Tom’s community spans many oceans and continents.

I invite you to visit the guest book page and take the time to share what you loved about Tom, and how he brightened your life or work.  Upon completion of this website on February 22, I discovered that a facebook page had just been set up by other friends of Tom to honor his legacy.  I invite you to visit and like that page if you are a facebook member.

Blessings and Love,
Lori Hanau